Session 18: Collaborative Geodesign in Practice (Demonstration)

1:40 - 3:00 PM | Room 104

Collaborative Geodesign in Practice

Len Kne, David Pitt, Bryan Runck, Carissa Schively Slotterback, Nicholas R. Jordan, and David Mulla
University of Minnesota

Our demonstration highlights the implementation of a collaborative geodesign system on a large touch-screen display, which allows a group of participants to quickly evaluate alternative designs created by sketching on a web map. We present a case study of the geodesign application showing the integration of underlying modeling related to soils, agricultural productivity, habitat, and water quality (e.g. SWAT, INVEST) into a stakeholder-friendly interface for landscape-scale planning and design. Participants in the demonstration will be able to experience the application hands-on as we describe the underlying modeling, capabilities, and functionality of the geodesign system.

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