Abstract Review Criteria

Each abstract will be rated on the 8 criteria below.

Criteria 1 will be used to exclude abstracts that are not relevant to this conference.

Abstracts that meet criteria 1 will be rated on criteria 2-8 using the following rating scale:

Absent = 0, Poor = 1, Fair = 2, Good = 3, Very Good = 4, Excellent = 5

Criteria 2 and 3 will be weighted to have twice the value of criteria 4-8.

Abstracts with the highest total ratings will be selected for inclusion in the conference.

  1. Is the abstract relevant to a conference focused on modeling complex problems?
  2. Is the work original?
  3. Is the topic of scientific, methodological, or social importance?
  4. Is the question or issue clearly stated?
  5. Is the significance of the work clearly stated?
  6. Are the methods well-designed and appropriate to the question addressed?
  7. Are the conclusions or implications well-justified?
  8. Is the abstract written clearly and organized well?