Session 6: Participatory Mapping

2:00 PM – 3:15 PM | Room Michigamme (Lower level)

Supporting Rich Participatory Mapping for Hybrid and Agent-Based Models: A Collaborative Web-Based Modeling Platform

Nathaniel D Osgood
University of Saskatchewan
Geoff McDonnell
Adaptive Care Systems

While agent-based modeling approaches are becoming increasingly prominent, there is poor support offered for participatory qualitative mapping in agent-based modeling projects. Moreover, despite the rapid growth in popularity of hybrid modeling techniques, existing packages offer little in the way of support for qualitative model mapping suitable for hybrid models. In this contribution, we demonstrate web-based collaborative software in which multiple users accessing the system through web browsers can assemble structured diagrams suitable for system mapping using agent-based and hybrid modeling approaches according to a model mapping language successfully trialed by the presenters in a variety of international projects.

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