Session 17: Causal Loop Diagramming

2:30 PM – 3:45 PM | Room Michigamme (Lower level)

A Collaborative Web-Based Modeling Platform for Causal Loop Diagramming

Stephanie Dilsner, Elicia Erker, and Nathaniel Osgood
University of Saskatchewan
Geoff McDonnell
Adaptive Care Systems

The traditional need for co-location of a group during participatory causal loop diagramming, and the representation of the emerging model map within centralized resources and spaces such as flipcharts, walls, or within a desktop modeling package, raise challenges to effective and timely participation. We will demonstrate here what we believe to be the first web-based collaborative system that allows multiple users—who need not be physically co-located—to simultaneously interactively build, modify, annotate, load, save, and share causal loop diagrams in a participatory fashion through a web browser. We demonstrate here system features and operation, discuss limitations, and future work.

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