Session 12: Trans-disciplinary and Participatory Modeling

9:30 AM – 10:45 AM | Room Michigamme (Lower level)

Design Thinking to Meet Real World Needs: Trans-Disciplinary and Participatory Modeling in the Undergraduate Classroom

Danielle Lake and Laura Sample
Grand Valley State University
GVSU Student Food Pantry

This session provides participants with hybrid strategies and tools for supporting trans-disciplinary, collaborative modeling on local problems in (and out of) the undergraduate classroom, detail sample assignment and project ideas, and explore how the tools provided can be repurposed for participants' own use. Pedagogical tools for building integrative models, motivating iteration, encouraging subsequent ideation, and prototyping interventions will be given. In addition, lessons learned from the community partner, students', and instructors' perspectives will be highlighted. Working in small groups, attendees will have the opportunity to adapt the tools provided so they align with and advance their own projects.