Session 7: Systems Approaches for Achieving Sustainable Food Security

2:50 - 4:10 PM | Room 103

Evolution of a Research Community in Sustainable Production of Animal Protein

Brent Auvermann
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

In this paper and a supplementary poster, we present a preliminary causal-loop diagram (CLD) of the animal protein production system. We present the major substructures of the CLD and interpret it within the “triple-bottom-line” typology of social, economic, and ecological sustainability. Our goals are to (a) stimulate conversations and develop collaborations with disciplines beyond our traditional membership, (b) expand the base of funding sources for which this expanded team can realistically compete, and (c) identify a range of integrative modeling tools that will add professional-development value to our community’s activities over the next decade.

Applications of System-Dynamics Modeling to Sustainable Animal-Protein Production

Deanne Meyer
University of California, Davis

Brent Auvermann
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Wendy Powers
Michigan State University

John Classen
North Carolina State University

We present a range of real-world scenarios within the animal protein production system (APPS), drawn from our land-grant community’s collective experience, from such realms as manure-management regulations, air-pollution control technologies, and public incentive programs. We further identify (a) key areas of expertise currently under-represented in our research community; (b) gaps in our understanding of APPS and their social, environmental, and economic contexts; (c) research questions that would be best approached by diversifying our research community; and (d) conceptual frameworks that would nourish the development of competitive proposals to a wide range of institutions interested in food security and sustainability.