Session 4: Mental Modeler (Demonstration)

1:20-2:30 PM | Room 103

Mental Modeler: A Fuzzy-Logic Cognitive Mapping (FCM) Software Tool for Collecting and Standardizing Stakeholder Knowledge for Collaborative Decision-Making

Steven Gray and Alex Metzger
University of Massachusetts

Steven Schyphers
Northeastern University

Fuzzy-logic cognitive mapping (FCM) is a parameterized form of concept mapping used to develop qualitative static models of complex systems that are translated into semi-quantitative dynamic models for scenario analysis. In this demonstration we present the architecture and various uses of an FCM-based software program called Mental Modeler and discuss the benefits and limitations of the tool to facilitate scenario planning and promote learning among stakeholders. Additionally, by providing workshop participants with sample data and web-based access to the software, we will create models, run scenarios, and identify additional software functionality.

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